Sustainable Ideas: Create a Grassroots Sustainability News Organization

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What one individual does in the name of sustainability will not likely affect anyone outside their social circle. What happens in a community, however, can become the subject of a news story and influence & inspire people around the nation or even the world. Communities everywhere are making transformations towards a sustainable future, but these stories, however, instructive, rarely make it into a news headline.

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Sustainability and Community: What Can One Person Really Do?

What can one person really do? 

For many people, it seems like there is almost nothing that one person can do, apart from participating in a movement to change the government. What impact does recycling some cans and using less water really have? In the face of such a daunting global problem, it can seem like trying to influence the government to make new legislation is the only thing that one person can do. Continue reading “Sustainability and Community: What Can One Person Really Do?”

Financial giants can have a pivotal role for climate stability

Banks, pension funds and other institutional investors have a key role to play in efforts to avoid dangerous climate change. A limited number of these investors have considerable influence over the Amazon rainforest and boreal forests that are known ‘tipping elements’ in the climate system. Protecting these ‘tipping elements’ should be a priority for investors to help reduce both climate change and systemic financial risks created by it.

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5 Wild Ideas For a Sustainable Future

When it comes to the topic of a sustainable future for mankind, the problems facing us can indeed seem insurmountable. The sheer magnitude of the energy crisis, the rapid rate of deforestation, the sinister issue of soil degradation, the alarming loss of biodiversity, and a host of other issues combine with the inertia of society to create a picture that can seem almost hopeless at times.
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