Sustainable Ideas: Create a Grassroots Sustainability News Organization

Note: This idea is based off of the thought behind this post here

What one individual does in the name of sustainability will not likely affect anyone outside their social circle. What happens in a community, however, can become the subject of a news story and influence & inspire people around the nation or even the world. Communities everywhere are making transformations towards a sustainable future, but these stories, however, instructive, rarely make it into a news headline.

I suggest that it would be most beneficial for the people with the right resources to create an organization with the sole purpose of seeking out stories about communities making transitions towards a sustainable future. This includes efforts to mitigate climate change of course, but also includes other goals of sustainability like becoming more resilient at the local level.

This organization would ideally employ dedicated journalists, but would also provide a platform for people to report from within their own community, institution, or organization. Stories may or may not be subject to review and approval (or a mixture of both could take place). Individuals could earn an “amateur journalist” status by submitting a certain number of approved stories which would in turn earn them the ability to post without review, and possibly earn a share of any ad revenue garnered by their stories.

The primary purpose of such an organization, whether it be a for-profit or non-profit corporations, would be to highlight the sustainability-related accomplishments of communities around the world — great and small. This would not only provide an accurate window of what is really changing — or not changing — in the world, but would provide a way for the accomplishments of one community to multiply by inspiring others around the world.


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