Solar Freakin’ Roadways

So, I came across this video awhile ago. I’m speechless.


1.) How is putting a solar panel (a complicated, more expensive one to boot) on a road a better idea than putting one on the side of the road, the desert, or on a roof? It is not as if we are running out of space.

2.) Glass roadways would unavoidably scratch and get covered in grime. Thus blocking sunlight. Thus seriously reducing the desired electrical producing effect.

3.) Is a glass roadway even safe? How is it in any way superior to an asphalt roadway? Can you imagine the maintenance costs?

4.) Why would we want to invest in a complicated, inferior solar panel system when traditional ones are kicking ass?


There are zero advantages and numerous disadvantages to this idea. So how is this idea receiving money from the government?

We have completed two funding contracts with the U.S. Department of Transportation, and were just awarded a third contract in November 2015.

This is just more evidence that waiting for the government to save the planet will produce abysmal results — this is the sort of idea that government bureaucrats consider good.

One thought on “Solar Freakin’ Roadways

  1. These are really good points. It is weird which projects attract funding. Maybe its because this idea sounds futuristic. Some people I know were raving about it earlier this year – from their point of view it sounded fantastic.


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